Portable escape game solutions

Product launches

Throughout the years we’ve successfully planned and produced many unforgettable and interactive product launches that featured our portable escape game solutions. Our solutions combined art and technology with immersive theatre and exciting twists inspired by escape games.

Portable escape games at events

The aforementioned portable escape games not only served our audiences well in product launches but formed the backbone of many experiences we delivered for our appearances in festivals and events.

Check out some of the most loved portable escape experiences below

Destination unknown

We are taking you on a journey into unexplored dimensions to seek answers to great questions! Can you pass through the stargate or will you get sucked into the deep abyss of a black hole?

Destination Unknown spreads out through the space in a multitude of exciting game spots, where clever innovative tasks are combined with theatrical performances, surprising technological solutions and interactive elements. Destination Unknown challenges your imagination, teamwork and problem-solving skills!

Mr. Bear’s afterparty

Yet again, Mr. Bear is in trouble! He was supposed to plan and host an after party extravaganza, but instead he totally disappeared and we are left with this mess of an after party. We would really need your help to get everything done before the VIP guests arrive!

Curious case of the five star hotel

We will fill the evening with inventive games & puzzles and it might end up being much more than you expect – keep your senses open and prepare to dine, dance and maybe… solve a murder? Can you untie the plot knots and twists before the time is up!?

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