We’re proud designers of this epic journey with TBWA, VR Finnish National Railways and Nordisk Film. The experience was inspired by the 20th Century Fox movie Murder On The Orient Express and was backed by the film studio.

A 13-hour, 1000km immersive theatre show combined with the best escape game elements, set on a speeding train through Finland. With this first-ever, longest and most badass immersive game performance in history, escaping was taken to the next level with art & technology, multi-layered script, professional actors and artists from several different fields directed by Ágnes Kaszás. 

with all details in mind

The cast consisted of leading Finnish actresses and actors including the award-winning actor Santtu Karvonen. The acts were built in a way that there was always a professional actor accompanied by an escape room professional to ensure the smooth experience of the immersive adventure.

The show also featured a live jazz band and a live techno set by Samuli Kivelä. As the story was a modern Scandinavian take on the film that inspired it, the costume design demanded high-quality solutions that was truly Finnish at its core created by local designers Aarikka, Anni Ruuth, Frenn Company, Ivalo and Eväkäs.

One team was led by one of Finland’s hottest artists, Riku Nieminen, while the captain of the other team was a well-known escape game enthusiast and writer Katleena Kortesuo. More than 3000 people applied to join their teams, but only 8 people were chosen by our team.


The Escape train gained worldwide visibility. Apart from most of the Finnish tabloid media, well-known global media outlets like The Sunday Times and Lonely Planet reported about the event. The event was live-streamed and even the official Facebook page of Agatha Christie featured the experience resulting in more than 40 Million impressions, more than the actual movie itself.

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