Escape room as an educational tool

We always loved experimenting, not just in how to create immersive escape games but in what outcomes games can deliver. This experimentation led us to create games for education or edutainment.

One notable example was the first corporate in-house escape room used by Finnish state-owned gambling company Veikkaus to train their employees but when it comes to education we have some other projects we are proud to showcase.

Last Drop-edu game for Finnish schools

In 2018 we designed and produced LAST DROP, a tabletop escape game for Finnish schools. The game is used to educate about drought in Somalia and global warming in a fun way in spite of the serious topic. The game was a part of NGO Solidarity Foundation’s way of teaching students difficult topics in a unique way. Gamification proved to be a powerful way to learn yet again and due to the portable nature of the game it was easy to incorporate it into any study program. We are proud to know that the game is still played in schools all around Helsinki even today. ​ 

“SD-EscapED” game at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

Ágnes Kaszás has been a guest teacher at Haaga-Helia University Of Applied Sciences since 2016. During the spring of 2018, she created a new Educational Escape Room in partnership with HH-LBA8 PLAY-group at the University.
The ‘SD-EscapED’ game challenges students to escape the school room by solving different types of puzzles and tasks related to service design in order to learn the subject of service design. ​

Ministry of Education, Finland

Between 2017 Spring and 2018 Autumn we designed and produced a series of customised escape games for the Finnish Ministry of Education (OAJ). Games were designed around themes like education, isolation, and the wellbeing of students.

About 90 people in leading positions from different sectors of the society took part in this event throughout the years. The purpose of the sessions was to give an opportunity for the participants to get to know each other while learning about the state of education. For these events we combined the best features of escape games, tools of creative learning and immersive arts to create an easily accessible and fun concept of learning via game experience.

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