Digital adventure games

Attract and monetize families with teenagers better for your

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cruise ship.

How it works

A DIGITAL ADVENTURE GAME is a digitally infused analogue game platform designed to run immersive, family friendly stories for the players.

Think of an escape room where you need to solve games and puzzles to escape. Now combine this with a digital platform giving you an even more immersive experience and you have it.

The games are placed at physical locations across your venue called GAME SPOTS and players move between them.

Players interact with videos of characters played by professional actors on the touchscreen devices. The gameplay is further enhanced with detailed, high quality visuals, and graphic design. A game is won when all the Game Spots are visited, all puzzles are solved, and all storylines are explored.

By placing the Game Points to your strategic locations, like cafés, gift shops, your guests can explore and spend more on your services.



Encourages consumption

Families free of their teens can spend more time with the services you offer for them.

Let them explore your venue

By placing the Game Points to strategic locations (eg. café, gift shop etc).

7/24 available

Guests can enjoy the experience anytime as it has a round-the-clock availability.


Attracts clients continuously

More games can run in parallel with the same installation so it never gets boring. Adding a new game requires minor effort and works remotely.


You can efficiently target 12-16 aged audience and their family in multiple languages.

Competitive advantage

Offering this experience differentiates you from your competitors.


Easy installation

All the installation work is done by us and requires only minor effort from your team.

Zero maintenance

The game works automatically and requires no staff on your end. We also monitor it continuously from afar.

No additional space needed

The game elements can be placed literally anywhere in your hotels with no need for extra room.


We produce

games with complex storylines that guarantee high quality entertainment.

We deliver

all the necessary game elements, touchscreens with the games preloaded, protective cases and print materials.

We install

we do all the local installation and make sure you have everything ready for a smooth start.

We maintain

our IT Service Team monitors the devices remotely and does updates when necessary.

You have nothing to do but to provide the venue and electricity.

available GAMES

Hack on deck

You can’t try this at home

A 16 year old hacker needs your help, but so does the agent who’s after her. Only you can help them and only you can decide whom to trust. It’s never as simple as it seems. You will find hidden servers, hack into the secret databases, fight computer viruses and lay traps. And in the end…. well it’s up to you how the story ends.

It’s an interactive adventure game on board. Find the hidden stations! Enter the secret codes! Hack, break, chat, solve and play it to the end!

Magical forest

Board game Of The Mind

You are spending your summer holiday with your grandparents in the countryside when you notice an overgrown stone table in their garden. As you sweep the leaves of it the lines on the table light up and you are transported into this magical world full of mysteries.

Solve puzzles and collect amulets to find your way out and have fun doing it!

Those who remained awake

Superpowers activated

X-ray eyes? Ability to fly? Man in an artificial-intelligence-controlled robotic-super-suit? These are some outdated superpowers, don’t you think? We need a new breed of superheroes for the challenge ahead of us!

The largest magnetic storm ever to hit planet Earth made everyone using an electronic device during it freeze and fall into a coma. You are one of the lucky few to survive it and you begin to notice that you seem to have developed slightly inadequate superpowers.

Mission: Planet Blue

Become the hero

You are contacted by an underground group of teenage activists claiming to have found a secret formula to stop global warming. They are not the only ones interested in this confidential information: a secret organisation wanting to hide this from humanity is also after it.

The activists badly need your support but you still need to earn their trust, so that you can help them on their quest to uncover the formula. The fate of planet Earth is in your hands.

Are you ready to take your entertainment to the next level?


We are live on the majority of Silja Tallink’s vessels – the leading high-quality passenger transport service in the northern Baltic Sea region –
since 2020 May.

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to date

To Date


What our customers are saying

Renate Valdna

project manager
at OÜ HT Meelelahutus


is a slogan for 2019 fantastic project between Tallink Silja and IOP Games. “Hack On Deck” game offers passengers extraordinary and exciting experience. Feedback has been very positive as the game is interesting, it leads you in different parts of the ship and many groups can play at the same time. Also the parents are happy as their younger ones are nicely entertained during a cruise. Ship crew is also pleased, as the game runs itself without any supervision needed.”

Kati Heiniö

Head of Entertainment
at Tallink Silja oy

„We had excellent cooperation...

with IOP Games, they provided us all necessary hardware, software plus whole game concept. Project management was professional and smooth and it will continue with maintenance and improvement. The game can be found on board on every Tallink Silja cruise ship.”

Teen influencer

Rantapallo, Finland’s largest
travel blog community

"extremely addictive...

…and most of all time consuming. It took us more than three hours before we could finish the game. Virtually the entire ship acts as a great escape room game and hint after game takes the player forward to five hidden positions on the ship.”

We are IOP Games a game development company delivering immersive entertainment experiences for teenagers and young adults.

Our vision is to create game-changing immersive solutions by fusing technology with modern theater to entertain, educate and inspire our players. 

Our production crew consists of a large variety of professionals from across different branches of the business and art fields.

Gábor Molnár

Co-founder, CEO

Our team creator who spent 15 years in the fields of finance and IT in Hungary, France and Spain, working for both MNCs and successful startups as a manager.

Ferenc Horváth


Our world adventurer who has lived in several countries from Kazakhstan to Saudi Arabia, from the United Kingdom to the Emirates and opened and led 9 hotels worldwide.

Virág Tóth


Our mood booster who worked 10+ years for big4 and multinational companies in various senior and managerial roles as finance expert yet she still radiates positive energy.

Norbert Tóth


Our tech enabler who has developed IT products on various tech stacks in the last 15 years, acting as dev lead, architect and even as an agile product owner.


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